From here on the customer/ client will be referred to as the (client) and BLUEBOXGRAFIX.UK LIMITED would be referred to as (BBG.UK).


 -The (client) acknowledges that any alteration, modifications, or add-ons done to the items, customized by (BBG.UK) cannot be undone or reversed to its original factory state and that the customized item is CUSTOMIZED and no longer in its factory original state and as such the integrity of the item may or may not be altered on the final product.
-The (client) acknowledges that although (BBG.UK) is committed to providing high-quality products, due to the natural factory state of the item being altered, the item may or may not last as long as the factory intended.
-The (client) acknowledges that the customized item is done by hand and there is a possibility that the custom may or may not be damaged while in use by the (client) ( be it scratched, broken, chipped, or any form in which the artwork was not delivered by (BBG.UK).
-The (client) acknowledges the item and artwork seen in the images on (BBG.UK) site, is the item advertised and agrees to purchase the product.( Colours may or may not slightly differ due to lighting)
-The (client) acknowledges that the custom-made item while permanent, long-lasting, and made with high-quality materials used, CAN still be damaged during use.
-The (client) acknowledges that walking, running or any activity that involves wearing the product can result in cracks and creases in the nose of the shoes or any part that gets constant bending, and as such the artwork/paint/ink in that area will be creased and or cracked.
-The (client) acknowledges that proper shoe care is a must to further preserve and prolong the artwork done by (BBG.UK) on the custom piece.
-The (client) acknowledges that due to the nature of the item, it is a CUSTOM piece, which means the item is done to the client’s requirements and specifications. As such, once a custom item is purchased it cannot be returned or refunded as it cannot be resold to another person as it was uniquely made and sized for someone else. (BBG.UK) Is not a shoe factory or outlet, and as such any requested custom items are sourced from a footwear outlet, and then the client’s design is then put onto the shoes. This action would immediately void the warranty with the company that the shoe was purchased. In addition, the client would have been sent a mock-up of the design for approval before customization was done.
– Unless the item sent to the client, is incorrect or sent in an incomplete or damaged state, only then would a refund or replacement be entertained.

Proper shoe care goes as follows:
1) DO NOT use bleach or any whitening agent on the customs/shoes.
2) DO NOT use hard bristle brushed to clean shoes/customs.
3) Basic soap and water with a soft bristle toothbrush or brush can be used to clean customs/shoes.
4) Kicking/scuffing or dings and bangs to the shoe would obviously damage the shoe and can potentially dig/ destroy the designs/artworks done on the customs/shoes.

While (BBG.UK) is committed to providing EXCELLENT service AND quality items, once these terms have been agreed upon by the (client), (BBG.UK) takes no responsibility for any shoe that may or may not be damaged, scuffed, ding or artwork spoiled on the shoe once in the possession of the (client) .

By Proceeding and ordering, you the client, do hereby accept the following terms and conditions for placing this order with BLUEBOX GRAFIX.UK LIMITED to get your customized item.