Not Drunk Decal Sticker


Custom Decal


Material: Vinyl
Usage: Indoor/ Outdoor
Dimensions: 8 inch x 8 inch

-High-quality vinyl
-Easy to apply, removable but not reusable
-Precision cut vinyl

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Our stickers can be applied to any glass that has been well cleaned and free of dust, filth, grease, and grime, as well as any smooth painted surface. For instance, toolboxes, automobiles, bikes, smooth walls, and windows.
We ask that you do not apply our stickers to recently painted surfaces. In order to give the paint time to completely cure and off-gas, we advise delaying sticker installation for at least 30 days.
Please be aware that no textured surface is appropriate for our stickers. This includes surfaces with corrosion, cracked lacquer, or other paint damage; stickers will also not adhere to some textured/bare plastics that are frequently used for car interiors or “bare” bumper trims. Temperature is also a factor when applying the stickers, cold weather outside on a surface less than 10°C would result in improper adhesion to the surface and would cause the sticker not to adhere to the surface. If you must apply stickers in cold temperatures, do so in direct sunlight. Alternatively, you can heat the surface beforehand with a hairdryer or heat gun (be careful not to overheat the area) for the adhesive agent to be activated for proper adhesion.

**Improper installation may result in the sticker not giving the desired result.

-Before fitting, devote additional time to cleaning and drying the any glass surface you wish to use the stickers on.
-Once stuck, stickers cannot be removed or repositioned. Ensure you are content with the situation prior to fitting



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